Authority v. Power

Authority is the right to act

Power is the ability to act.

Let’s be clear: this isn’t a “definitions” rant.  Technically you can use either word to mean either thing.  Authority, broadly defined, means “the power or right to give orders,” and power, broadly defined, can subsume authority. However, the term authority doesn’t usually carry the implicit assumption of sufficient force, whereas power always does.

All Relationships have Power Exchange

In responding to a post on an online forum, and in other thoughts recently, I’ve been discussing the concept that all relationships inherently involve power exchange. Certainly my Grandmother and Grandfather had power exchange. What makes what we call “power exchange relationships” unique is that the exchange is negotiated rather than based on some implicit interpretation of tradition. I think the real focus  is on the concept of negotiated relationships, and I don’t think that’s a concept we separate enough.

Political Fundraising, Extremism, 1984, and Disconnection from Reality’m not against political fundraisng. And I realize that the apparatus of modern fundraising calls for continual e-mails to anyone and everyone who accepts them, creating an atmosphere of crisis. That said, after a while it becomes surreal.

Christmas Movies that Don’t Suck

Every year for some years since I was sick on Christmas and spent the day with Stephanie lying in bed watching TCM, I’ve tried to do a little Film Festival that day to go with Chinese Food. The problem is I don’t like most Christmas movies. I don’t even really celebrate Christmas except as a secular American Holiday.

So I’ve been collecting Christmas Movies that didn’t suck. This is my current list:

Bilbo Baggins takes the One Ring for himself.

So…I walked into the kitchen and said “Good Morning” and the housemate being a smart ass started the Gandalf quote.. “What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it to be or not or that you feel good this morning or that it is a morning to be good on?”

At that point, I dropped into a voice that was sort of a cross between Bilbo and Gollum and said

Salon.Com: My sexuality after porn

To me this article isn’t about a difficulty with someone’s sex drive. It’s about a difficulty in our society.  I realize the author doesn’t see it that way.  And I realize the author has his right to his interpretation of his sexual situation.  But…writing about that situation on is stepping outside yourself.  When you offer yourself as a public icon “this is what this thing is like,” you open yourself to debate and discussion, and a challenge of the validity not of your experience, but of your interpretation of it.

Goodbye Washington Post

Goodbye Washington Post
Today I first ran into the Washington Post’s new paywall, which, while poorly explained seems to track me and want to charge me a subscription fee for the Washington Post. I deleted the Washington Post from my media bookmarks as “go to” reading, and will stop linking to its articles when I post to Twitter of Facebook.

Compare and Contrast – Poly in Five Years – WaPo and Washingtonian

When it comes to social matters, I’m an optimist. Whatever happens in the present, the fact is that better communications have always driven a more liberal culture. Sometimes they drive a more repressive one first because a facet of new communications is often that a group of people who weren’t involved in broad cultural discourse before are drawn into it, and bring with them provincial attitudes (yes, I’m looking at you Red States).